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About Us

About Us

Alchemy Digital Media (ADM) was the brainchild of founders Earl Gardner and Keshav Basnet. Formed in 2007, ADM began life as a small web-design company that didn’t really design websites, but instead purchased and edited templates for their customers.

Over the years, from small beginnings, ADM has gone through constant growth to be able to offer services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and lead generation services to local businesses. As part of their development work with their customers, ADM recognized the need to start building themes and plugins for WordPress that would allow them to streamline their business and in the process have the ability build at lower prices compared to their local competitors.

In 2014, ADM decided to open up some of their products to other online marketers and sold their first WordPress plugin, ADM ReviewShield, on JVZoo, which was a major hit and paved the way for further plugins (CallZTrackR and ADM SEO Meister) and WordPress templates (ADM Local Business Pro). Unlike a lot of developers who create products that they aim to sell, ADM actually makes a lot of products for their own in-house use, and then release a small number to the public only after they’ve proved to work and show they’re beneficial in our own workflow.

Throughout the online marketing world ADM is renowned for its first-class customer support, which often stretches beyond that of just supporting their own products. The main bulk of product development and customer support is handled by Keshav and his dedicated team of developers and designers in our Kathmandu office in Nepal. Should you require the help of our support, please go ahead and click the Support link in our menu above to be taking to our ticketing system and we’ll do what we can to help you. Please note, that all tickets are STRICTLY handled in the order that they are received and we don’t bump anybody up the list for any reason. We do, and always will, appreciate your understanding and support.